Winter Hot Tub 101


We’ve received A LOT of snow this winter. For a moment I thought I had moved to Ontario (insert concerned face emoji here) …

Anyway … with all of this snow it seemed like a good time to share a few pointers for hot-tubbing in the winter, because really, isn’t this the time of year you want to use your hot tub the most?!

  • First off, remember to clear the snow off your hot tub cover! Hot tub covers are pretty durable but they aren’t meant to take a ton of weight. Clearing your cover off regularly also means you can use it after you’ve shoveled your driveway!
  • Clean snow around the base of the spa and anywhere there may be vents on the skirting of the hot tub.
  • Keep salt for de-icing on hand – with water being splashed out of the hot tub on entry and exit, you could have an icy patch when you want to use your hot tub next.
  • If you’re going away more than a few months at a time, we recommend draining the hot tub. When draining make sure to disconnect your pump and drain any residual water out to prevent freezing and breakage.
  • If you’re going way for a few weeks at a time, turn your hot tub to Econo or Vacation mode to reduce the temperature. Remember to leave chlorine or bromine tablets in the spa, and have someone come and check the hot tub once per week to add sanitizer if necessary.

Are there any tips or tricks you use in the winter hot tub months? Do you have any questions regarding hot tub maintenance? Give us a call or send an email


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