What Does a Hot Tub Do For You?


Hot tubs are often thought of as simply fun, frivolous places to socialize and entertain. But the fact is that there are many health benefits associated with regular hot tub use. “What does a hot tub do for you?” you might ask. To help answer that question we’ve created a list of the potential health benefits that can be obtained from regular use of the hot tub.

Stress Relief

Stress relief and relaxation are probably the best-known benefits of hot tub use. And although some might argue that these are hardly health benefits, the fact is that stress can be a major factor in the onset of other more debilitating diseases. If you suffer from headaches, tense muscles or general fatigue, spending time in the warm massaging waters can relax your body and provide relief from your ailments. If you’re only looking for one health benefit from your hot tub, stress relief probably tops the list.

Pain Reduction

Hot tubs are also ideal places for reducing pain. Whether it’s pain due to injury, chronic disease or simple stress, soaking in a hot tub can provide almost instantaneous relief. You’ll find hot tubs play a central role in hydrotherapy practices where reduction of pain is the main goal. Gently working the body’s muscles through the warm waters increases blood circulation which allows oxygen to target injured cells while promoting the creation of pain alleviating endorphins.

Injury Recovery

Hydrotherapy can play an important role in helping the body recover from injuries. Many physiotherapists and professional athletes understand the ability of time spent in a hot tub to help speed up recovery from injury. Whether you’ve been injured playing sports, suffered an accident or have recently come out of surgery, spending time in the hot tub increases blood circulation which in turn speeds up the injury recovery process. If you’re suffering through an injury, ask your health professional how you might be able to use your hot tub to help in your recovery.

Immune System Boost

Regular soaking in a hot tub has been found to encourage the body to create more white blood cells. Apparently, this is caused by the body’s natural reaction to the increase in internal temperature. White blood cells defend the body against disease and infection by attacking and digesting foreign bodies in the blood stream. If you find yourself constantly getting sick, you might think about trying to boost your immune system and bolster your natural defences. A hot tub can play a role in this process.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Spending time in a hot tub can temporarily reduce your blood pressure. This occurs because of the reaction of the body to the increase in internal temperature. This causes the heart to pump faster, the blood flow to accelerate and the blood vessels to dilate which reduces resistance and lowers the pressure on the arterial walls. If high blood pressure is a problem, you might consider using your hot tub to try and reduce your numbers.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have shown that regular use of the hot tub can assist in the reduction of blood sugar levels. Again, it’s the increase in blood flow that allows this to occur. The increase in blood flow causes more blood to course through the muscles which causes the breakdown of sugars. Spending time in a hot tub can increase blood flow in a similar way that exercise does. This makes hot tubs a possible alternative for those with reduced mobility or who are unable to exercise.

Induce Sleep

If you find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep, you might want to consider using your hot tub just before bedtime. It’s been found that the body’s natural reaction to cooling off after you’ve left the hot tub is to signal to the brain that it feels tired. It’s a simple physiological trick that can help regulate your sleeping patterns.

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