Serenity 6800


Serenity 6800


Packages Starting From: $12,999


A Large 6-7 Person Hot Tub

85.5" x 85.5" x 36"
Seats : 7 Adults
Open Seating
41 Jets
ClearSpring Filtration System
1430 L
3807 lbs. Filled
655 lbs. Dry

Shell and Cabinet Options for the Serenity 6800 Hot Tub

See in-store for available shell and cabinet options



Designer Driftwood


Designer Harbor Grey



Alpine Mist


Midnight Canyon


Black Opal


Pure White


Silver Marble


Tuscan Sun


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About the Serenity 6800 Hot Tub

Invite your family and friends over for a fun night of laughs and entertainment. The Serenity 6800 allows for 6-7 people to fit comfortably and includes 4 personalized wellness zones for the ultimate hot tub experience. Enjoy a night with family and friends without sacrificing comfort. Take your relaxation and therapy to the next level with the biggest, most spacious Serenity Hot Tub model available.

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Features of the Serenity 6800 Hot Tub

ClearSpring Filtration System
The Serenity Hot Tubs’ three-stage filtration system ensures cleaner and clearer water. It includes an Ultra Flow Grill with a Catch Barrier, a skimmer net, and a high-efficiency microfiber filter cartridge. Enjoy the easiest and most effective water maintenance for optimal spa performance.
Edgewater Shell
Constructed akin to a boat’s hull, this exceptionally waterproof structure combines polyester and vinyl ester resin with fiberglass, resulting in a fortified shell of unparalleled strength, setting new standards within the industry.
Polymer Insultation Floor
Created with the purpose of retaining heat and blocking out any external factors, the insulated floor effectively seals in the ambient heat generated by the pumps.
Unibody Frame
The most robust frame on the market, meticulously designed to support the weight of the water while adapting to the temperature fluctuations experienced during both summer and winter seasons.
WeatherSeal Insulation System
Through the synergy of our pioneering HydroWise Thermal Shield Energy Efficient Insulation and top-notch WeatherSeal Cabinetry, in conjunction with our HydroWise Hard Cover. These hot tubs are engineered to be the most energy-efficient globally, maintaining a soothing temperature of 100ºF / 37ºC for mere pennies per day.
Wellness Programs and Zone Therapy
Introducing Zone Therapy, a personalized usage map for your hot tub, promoting overall well-being. Our Signature models come with a wellness guide featuring eight hydrotherapy programs, including stress-relief options like Leg Pain, Back Pain, Sports Recovery, Headache, and Insomnia – known as “The Science of Immersion.”
Lighting & Waterfall Options
The Collection presents superior lighting and exterior Moonlights, 2 Aqua Blade Waterfalls, exquisite maintenance-free cabinetry, and a weather seal insulation system. Each model includes non-slip padding, ensuring secure and effortless spa entry and exit.

Optional Features of the Serenity 6800 Hot Tub

PureWater System
The PureWater System stands as the world’s most effective water purification system, employing a combination of UV and Ozone Water treatments to eradicate a remarkable 99% of all contaminants.
iCommand System App
The Smart Phone App that is designed as a wireless hot tub control which allows you to pick the water care settings that fits your schedule, adjust filtration and temperature settings and create the ideal hot tub experience from inside your home.

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Control Your Serenity 6800 Hot Tub from Anywhere

Connect via a smartphone app to monitor and control your hot tub from afar, with the SmartTub™ System.

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