Your Smart Guide to Buying a Swim Spa


Swim spas offer a year-round, low-impact exercise opportunity in your own backyard.

Picture yourself completing a swimming workout followed by a calming soak in your own backyard. Did you imagine yourself in a swimming pool and hot tub? There is a third option for residents who want to swim, exercise and relax without leaving home: the swim spa. A swim spa is self-contained unit that is smaller than a typical swimming pool and offers jetted resistance so swimmers can exercise against a current.

Rainforest Outdoor Living has seen a jump in interest in its swim spas. Director of Marketing Justine Adams speculates that the increase in interest is because people are starting to invest more in their homes rather than spend money on expensive vacations – and a swim spa is one way to make that time at home more enjoyable throughout the year. Adams spoke to The Comox Valley Record’s Smart Guide about the benefits of swim spas, and how someone can decide if a swim spa is right for them.

Why choose a swim spa over an in-ground pool?

Adams can list several reasons for why a swim spa might be a better choice for both your lifestyle and wallet. A swim spa has a smaller footprint than an in-ground pool – the minimum size is 12 feet in length (Rainforest Outdoor Living also carries 14, 16, 17, 19- foot units as well). It’s also less expensive. Adams says a unit costs about half the purchase price of an in-ground pool, plus the overall ongoing operational and maintenance costs are much less. The added benefit of a self-contained swim spa is that all of your equipment is built-in, including pumps, filters, skimmers, and heating systems, so you don’t need any additional space. A hard cover keeps the spa clear of stray pine needles, leaves, and bugs, and Hydropool’s self-cleaning system ensures the water is constantly cycling through the filter. And while a swimming pool might be used only a few months each year, these smaller bodies of water can be heated to use year-round.

Who can benefit from a swim spa?

Adams says swim spas jetted systems are a particularly good option for anyone who regularly visits a pool to swim laps or do low impact exercises with resistance and would prefer the convenience of exercising at home. Plus, compared to a public pool, you know exactly what’s in the water, Adams adds. Swim spas also have recreational benefits. Residents can cool down in the spa on hot days, and turn up the temperature in cooler months. Children can swim in a small pool that is only about four feet deep, and the units can even be set up for boogie boarding against the current.

Why do you exclusively carry Hydropool swim spas?

Adams says Rainforest Outdoor Living carries only Hydropool swim spas for the company’s reliability, service, and ease of maintenance. Hydropool models include a self-cleaning feature that cycles the water through the filter every 45 minutes. Innovation in design and features is another reason, she says. “A lot of the products they make, other companies are trying to copy. They sell a really solid product and they are really timely in taking care of their customers.” And when a customer purchases a Hydropool product, they can take pride in knowing they are buying Canadian.

In addition to swim spas, customers can come to Rainforest Outdoor Living for all their backyard needs, including hot tubs, outdoor heaters, fire pits, patio furniture, barbecues and gas fireplaces. The Courtenay-based business is located at 3 – 241 Puntledge Road, and can be reached at 250-871-7887 or

Note: this article was originally published September 12, 2017 in The Comox Valley Record’s Smart Guide.


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