SABER’s Zone Cooking


With the SABER patented cooking system, you can chose the number of cooking zones you use at any one time depending on how many you are serving and the meal you are cooking. No need to overheat your grill and waste gas. Use only what you need.

Most infrared cooking systems do not enable you to use zonal cooking because they have ceramic emitters that burn very hot, as well as completely open fireboxes that allow heat to spread across the entire cooking surface. Convection systems also have this same challenge due to their open firebox under the cooking surface.

With SABER’s patented cooking system, each burner is enclosed in a separate compartment so the temperature of one does not affect others. SABER grills solve other grilling problems too. With traditional ceramic infrared emitters, radiant heat is produced as short wave lengths, which tend to burn and char food more easily. These grills also flare-up and require higher maintenance because of food drippings and debris dropping directly onto the burner. SABER’s advanced IR generates longer wave lengths for cooking more evenly with fewer temperature fluctuations. Plus, maintenance is greatly reduced because grease vaporizes instead of clogging the emitter.

True zonal cooking is one more way SABER combines performance and innovation like no one else.

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